USAID and TUSRIF allocate 154 million dollars to restore the economy of Moldova and Ukraine

The US-Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF), in partnership with the US Congress, will transfer more than $154 million to support those who “suffered the most from Putin’s war against Ukraine.” Among those targeted is the Republic of Moldova. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) made the announcement on Thursday, February 2.

According to USAID, the funds will include $135 million, which will be transferred to the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, to support the economic recovery of Ukraine and Moldova.


“The Kremlin’s invasion of Ukrainians has devastated Ukraine’s economy, which is estimated to shrink by more than 45% this year. Moldova also suffered severely as a result of this war, including due to increased inflation that caused prices to rise. Immediate support to the private sector in Ukraine and Moldova is essential to strengthen the economies of both countries in the face of Putin’s aggression,” the USAID statement said.
At the same time, this assistance will help the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to modernize and grow their economies, in order to continue their European journey.

Another $18 million will go to the US-Russia Foundation (USRF), supporting pro-democracy groups, including Russian civil society and independent media organizations.

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