Praise for Moldova from PACE! The Assembly urges member states to provide financial aid to our country

The PACE monitoring commission welcomed the reforms undertaken by our country with the aim of strengthening the state’s democratic institutions. The conclusion can be found in the report approved at the APCE Monitoring Commission Meeting, an event attended by the Vice Presidents of the Parliament, Mihail Popșoi and Vlad Batrîncea.

The report was drawn up after the APCE co-rapporteurs for the Republic of Moldova, Pierre Alain Fridez and Inese Lībiņa-Egnere, undertook information visits to our country.

The report states that, “for the first time in history, the Republic of Moldova is governed by a parliamentary majority owned by a single political party and has electoral support for its efforts to fight corruption and build transparent state institutions.”


At the same time, the Monitoring Commission emphasized the need for the reforms to be implemented in accordance with the rule of law and the standards of the Council of Europe. The commission also made a list of recommendations to the authorities in the fields of democracy, rule of law and human rights and will continue to monitor how the situation evolves. This urged the member states of the Council of Europe to offer humanitarian and financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova.

The European parliamentarians appreciated the efforts made by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova in crisis management – the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis or the increase in inflation. They emphasized the “solidarity and resistance shown by the Moldovan people”.

At the PACE Monitoring Commission Meeting, the European Union’s decision to grant our country the status of a candidate country was also discussed, this being “a strong response to the electorate’s aspiration to join the EU and to the country’s efforts to strengthen its democracy”.

The commission for monitoring the obligations and commitments assumed by the member states of the Council of Europe is a specialized commission of the PACE, which prepares periodic reports on the status of the fulfillment of commitments for the states in the monitoring or post-monitoring dialogue phase.

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