The director of Termoelectrica, about the repair of generator 3: it will be ready by the end of the month

The repair of generator 3 at Termoelectrica, after the breakdown at the beginning of November, will be ready by the end of December, announced the director of Termoelectrica, Vasile Leu.

According to Leu, an external commission is also currently working. This, following the breakdown analysis, will issue a decision where all the details will be found. “Costs for the repair have not yet been determined as it has not been completed.”

On November 11, at 01:46, the damaged power block no. 3, with the electric load of 18 MW, as a result of the operation of the protections characteristic of an internal short circuit of the generator.

Thus, the hydrogen pressure in the generator body was reduced to 0.8 kgf/cm2. Later, the technical commission established, following the inspection of the generator, the cause of the damaged disconnection, being the penetration of a volume of water from the coolers supply pipe into the generator body. A crack was detected on the cooler pipe.


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