President Maia Sandu Honored with the ‘M.C. – Values-Based Leadership’ Award by Aspen Institute Romania

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, was honored with the “Mihnea Constantinescu – Values-Based Leadership” Award by the Aspen Institute Romania during the 13th edition of the Aspen Leadership Awards Gala.

The event, which took place last Friday, marked the 17th anniversary of the Institute’s activity, recognizing individuals and organizations that have left their mark on Romanian and global society in 2023. These entities served as examples of ethical and professional conduct in areas such as public service, technology, research and innovation, art, and cultural heritage.

“Through this award, the Aspen Institute Romania expresses its appreciation for the continuous efforts of the Madam President to keep the Republic of Moldova on its pro-European trajectory, demonstrating not only high professionalism but also the qualities of an authentic leadership model,” stated the Aspen Institute Romania in a press release transmitted by Agerpres.

During the event, the trophy was received on behalf of Maia Sandu by the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Romania, Victor Chirilă.

The “Mihnea Constantinescu – Values-Based Leadership” Award is presented annually by the Aspen Institute Romania to a leader in the public sector or an international organization who has distinguished themselves in their field, consistently supporting and promoting the values of a model of leadership excellence.

In previous editions of the Aspen Gala, the award has been given to personalities such as Roberta Metsola (President of the European Parliament), Jens Stoltenberg (Secretary-General of NATO), Pierre Moscovici (former member of the European Commission), Michel Barnier (former Chief Negotiator of the European Commission for the relationship with the United Kingdom), and others.


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