President Maia Sandu Presents Draft of National Security Strategy

At the Supreme Security Council convened yesterday, President Maia Sandu presented the draft of the National Security Strategy. The Strategy project outlines the threats to the security of the Republic of Moldova. According to the Presidential Press Service, it proposes actions to strengthen national security and the security of each citizen.

“We face two major threats to national security today: the aggressive policy pursued by the Russian Federation against our country and against peace in general, and the deep-rooted corruption in Moldova,” emphasized President Maia Sandu.

The mission outlined in the National Security Strategy is based on three essential objectives:

  1. Protecting and ensuring the safety of all citizens.
  2. Establishing a strong and respected state.
  3. Joining the European Union, where peace is guaranteed.

To achieve these objectives, the head of state declared that action would be taken in several directions: increasing investments and strengthening the defense and security sector; gradual progress toward resolving the Transnistrian conflict; developing security partnerships with the most developed and prosperous democratic countries in the world; intensifying the fight against corruption and creating strong law enforcement institutions; and contributing to regional and international security.

“The peace and well-being of our children are in our hands. Let us unite our efforts, institutions, civil society, and citizens, so that from a small and fragile country, we become a strong, modern, resilient, and European state capable of taking care of its citizens, ensuring that Moldovans are safe at home and treated with respect anywhere in the world,” President Maia Sandu emphasized.

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