President Maia Sandu Promulgates Law Making Romanian the Only Official Language in Moldova

President Maia Sandu has promulgated the changes that make the Romanian language the only official language in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. This was approved by Parliament in the second reading a week ago.

The head of state believes that the Romanian language will become the catalyst for consolidating society, and every citizen should study and know it. Sandu, therefore, calls on everyone to make an effort to respect the Romanian language and to build a common future for the country in the European Union, where all languages are respected and protected.

“I want the Romanian language to unite all of us who live here and love this land. We, along with over twenty-seven million people around the globe, speak Romanian, one of the official languages of the European Union. Whether it is our mother tongue or whether we have learned it over the course of our lives, thanks to the Romanian language, we do not need translators: we understand each other with one word and say – in unison – that ‘a sweet word brings many things’. Those who for decades have told us that we, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, speak ‘Moldovan’ and not Romanian – have had only one goal: to divide us. And that’s because once you have divided a nation, you can subjugate and control it more easily. A divided people do not represent a united force that can protect itself. Those who have tried to divide us have not focused on linguistics, but on how to keep Moldova trapped in an eternal national quarrel,” the president argues.


The bill was registered in Parliament on February 24. The authors are a group of deputies from the Action and Solidarity Party, which holds the majority in Parliament.

After the law comes into force, the Legal Information Resources Agency will ensure the operation of the changes concerning the state language – Romanian language, in the entire legislation of the Republic of Moldova, including the Constitution of the country, in the “State Register of Legal Acts” information system.

On December 5, 2013, the Constitutional Court established that the official language of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian, as written in the Declaration of Independence, which prevails over the Constitution. At that time, the High Court referred the recommendation to Parliament that Article 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova be amended in accordance with the provisions included in the Declaration of Independence. Still, no subsequent legislature has included this topic on the agenda.

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