President Maia Sandu Reveals Evaluation Mission to Assess Moldova’s EU Accession Conditions Coming This Summer

The summer will see a mission to evaluate Moldova’s progress toward meeting the conditions for European Union membership, according to the country’s president, Maia Sandu. She stated that she has requested that the necessary measures be completed by the end of April, adding that there are still a few issues to be resolved.

“Republica Moldova must meet the nine conditions before the evaluation mission arrives. This mission will come in the summer. Until then, we must ensure that we have met the conditions as agreed. There are a few things that are still being worked on, but which the government will manage to complete by the end of April. I have asked for the conditions to be met earlier, to ensure that they are met to the standards expected by the European Commission,” Sandu stated.


The president added that there are currently no concerns about missing the EU-imposed deadline. Moldova plans to begin membership negotiations by the end of the year. With Sandu’s commitment to meeting the necessary conditions, there is hope that Moldova will be on track to achieve its goal of joining the EU in the near future.

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