President Maia Sandu, speech in GNAS: “We came to say that Moldovans are Europeans. Moldova’s place is in the EU”

“Moldova’s place is in the European Union. Our country’s project is integration into the EU”. The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, gave a speech in front of the people in the Grand National Assembly Square (GNAS).

The head of state mentioned that demonstrations organized by the diaspora are taking place in several European cities.

“I know that our citizens, which are now in Milan, Bucharest, Padua, and Budapest are with us. Wherever you are, our voices are familiar. We came here to say with confidence that Moldovans are Europeans. Moldova’s place is in the EU. Our country’s project is EU integration. This is not just my commitment. It is the support at the international level. It is the will of the people.

Europe is more than a political slogan. It is a way of life and our people’s chance to live peacefully. This dream depends on each of us. It’s a long way. It needs more work. It is the only way to ensure our children are safe. Moldova must be a member of the EU. Moldovans must be European in documents as well. For 34 years, they tried to block our future. But we resisted.

We have remained a free country. A country that has its place in the EU. We are dignified people and firm in the decisions that hold our land. This is what our parents wanted. This is what people who have made a lot of effort in the struggle for the best future wanted.

The next few years will be about our transformation into a European state. Together we will build a European Moldova of which we can be proud. War is far from us today because Ukrainians are giving their lives. This war clearly shows us that we no longer want to be blackmailed by the Kremlin. As EU members, we will not be alone, and we will be in security. Moldova will join the EU, and this must happen by 2030,” Maia Sandu said.

The “Moldova Europeană” Assembly serves as a platform for Moldovans to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to European integration and their aspirations for a future aligned with European values and standards. As the country strives for closer ties with the European Union, this gathering symbolizes the unity and determination of the Moldovan people.

The event promises to celebrate shared aspirations and a milestone in the country’s European journey.

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