The President of the European Parliament: “Moldova is ready for European integration”

President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola had an official visit to Moldova on Sunday, May 21, in connection with the National Assembly “Moldova Europeană”.

“Dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova, dear Europeans, Europe is Moldova. Moldova is Europe. Moldova is not alone. Dear friends, we live in unstable times, but Moldova remains proud. The world saw your courage and fight against Russia and the atrocity. The world sees your generosity to Ukrainians, women, and children. It was your country that also sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine. You did this because you believe in EU values.

The European Parliament continued the aid to Moldova. We condemned disinformation, violation of airspace, but also energy blackmail. The EU will support Moldova in your further journey. Moldova is already ready for European integration. We are proud to be the biggest supporter of EU integration. We know what this moment means to you, and you demonstrate it now with your presence here. Moldova is not alone. We will never leave you,” Roberta Metsola said.

The “Moldova Europeană” Assembly serves as a platform for Moldovans to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to European integration and their aspirations for a future aligned with European values and standards. As the country strives for closer ties with the European Union, this gathering symbolizes the unity and determination of the Moldovan people.

The event promises to celebrate shared aspirations and a milestone in the country’s European journey.

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