President Maia Sandu to the business community: „It is possible to do honest business in European Moldova!”

President Maia Sandu participated today in the “EBA Business Outlook 2024”, an event organized by EBA Moldova, where she spoke about the government’s efforts to improve the business environment and the prospects that European integration opens for the country’s economy.

At the event, Maia Sandu declared that “honest business can be done in European Moldova!” and stressed that a stronger economy, integrated into the European single market, means more well-paid jobs, more contributions to the country’s budget, and more investment to improve people’s living conditions.

“The European Union means exceptional opportunities for Moldova’s economy. My message to the business community is to actively participate in the EU accession process and to see this effort as an investment in a better and more secure future for all of us,” said the head of state.

The President also stressed that the reforms carried out recently have already given more freedom to entrepreneurs, investors, companies, and the whole economy, more space for business to grow and develop. In 2023 alone, through the deregulation measures adopted, entrepreneurs have saved the equivalent of about 0.5% of GDP, and more than half of the services that businesses access operate digitally.

“The European Union has opened the door wide for us, now it is our time to move forward resolutely on this path – the only chance to transform the Republic of Moldova into a prosperous, secure, and democratic state. Let’s trust in European Moldova!”, stressed Maia Sandu.

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