Press statements by the Minister of Justice, Veronica Mihailov-Moraru, and the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders

The EU understood that Moldova would act and take certain steps when it offered it the status of a candidate country for accession. The statements were made by the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, after meeting with the Minister of Justice from Chisinau, Veronica Mihailov-Moraru.

According to the European official, Moldova must follow the path of reforms. He also stated that he admires the way in which the new head of the Ministry of Justice is committed to implementing them.

“Many of these steps involve strengthening the rule of law. At our meeting, we discussed several topics. I welcome your commitment to these steps. Regarding the judicial system, we support the vetting process. This is done in accordance with the opinion of the Venice Commission. The EU is committed to supporting Moldova in its reform efforts, including in the vetting of the top institutions of Justice”, said the commissioner.


Didier Reynders pointed out that reforms in Justice are difficult to implement. According to him, however, their quality is important, not the speed of completion.

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