Pressure on Israel and the Ilan Șor Case: Is Putin’s Ally a Thorn in Moldova’s Side?

An editorialist from the American publication Bloomberg, Marc Champion, has written an article today in which he mentions the controversial Ilan Șor, who has fled to Israel to evade Moldovan justice. The journalist refers to Russia’s attempts to destabilize the Republic of Moldova with the help of pro-Russian politicians. Bloomberg also mentions Moscow’s efforts to influence the results of the local elections on November 5th.

The journalist asks, ‘Why is Israel helping Șor, Putin’s ally, to evade the law and punishment in the Republic of Moldova?’

‘Extraditing a convicted fraudster from the Republic of Moldova would send a warning to the Kremlin. That’s what needs to be done. If Israel wants to signal to the Kremlin that its support for “Hamas” will have consequences, it has a very effective tool: the extradition of Ilan Șor, a politician convicted in the Republic of Moldova for a one-billion-dollar banking fraud. He worked with Russia to overthrow the pro-European government of the Republic of Moldova,’ writes the editorialist Marc Champion.

According to the journalist, Vladimir Putin wants the Republic of Moldova to return to Russia’s sphere of influence, and for this reason, he has invested significant resources in overthrowing the current government of the Republic of Moldova.

‘Frustrated on the battlefield in Ukraine, before reaching the border with the Republic of Moldova, and angered by Maia Sandu’s decision to seek EU membership, Russia at one point cut off the supply of gas and electricity. This move forced the government in Chișinău to purchase expensive energy resources, leading to the collapse of Moldova’s economic growth. Șor tried to exploit popular discontent by financing protests and spreading false information. He promised cheap energy and a “embrace” from Russia once the “Sandu regime” disappears. There was even a purported coup attempt supported by Russia,’ says Marc Champion.

In the same editorial, he mentions that Ilan Șor is the Kremlin’s new stake: ‘The Socialist Party has lost popularity, and Șor has become Moscow’s new favorite.’

It should be noted that Ilan Șor was sentenced to 15 years in prison for large-scale fraud and money laundering in the case related to the bank robbery by the Moldovan justice system. He fled the Republic of Moldova in 2019 and is currently hiding in Israel.


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