Romania Offers Natural Gas Supply to Moldova and Ukraine in Case of Winter Shortages

Romania intends to supply natural gas to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in case these countries face supply issues during the winter season, as reported by

The announcement was made by the Minister of Energy in Bucharest, Sebastian Burduja, given that Romania currently has surplus gas reserves and aims to become a regional leader in the natural gas sector.

“We are at approximately 103% filling capacity; we have reached surplus levels. It is true that we have shown our readiness towards both the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. We have expressed this openness. We do not have a formal request at the moment. We will see if in the coming months, the Republic of Moldova will turn to us, and certainly, as we have always done, we will assist our brethren across the Prut River,” reiterated Sebastian Burduja, the Minister of Energy from Romania.”


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