Prime Minister Dorin Recean at the Central and Eastern Europe Investment Conference: “We are modernizing and integrating into the EU with unprecedented speed”

Prime Minister Dorin Recean recently participated in the tenth edition of the Central and Eastern Europe Investment Conference, where he passionately advocated for Moldova’s economic potential. He welcomed investors, highlighting the government’s proactive measures to foster a conducive investment environment.

“We’re streamlining bureaucracy, embracing digitalization, and modernizing our systems while rapidly aligning with European Union standards. By 2030, we aim to become the most business-friendly EU member state,” emphasized the Prime Minister.

Recean underscored the government’s strategic initiatives for economic growth, citing the success of Moldova IT Park and its expansion into international business services. He also noted advancements in capital market development and integration with the Bucharest exchange.


Despite regional challenges, including the aftermath of Russia’s aggression following Ukraine, Recean urged a proactive approach, turning obstacles into opportunities.

“While Moldova faced significant economic repercussions, we’ve effectively mitigated the shocks and are now back on a growth path,” he affirmed.

The conference focused on analyzing the evolution of capital markets over the past decade and their prospects in Central and Eastern Europe. Participants discuss growth trajectories and developmental strategies for the region’s economies.

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