(VIDEO) The USM and the UTM will unite under one name! Viorel Bostan: It will be called the University of Chisinau

The Rector of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM), Viorel Bostan, has officially announced that the State University of Moldova and UTM will merge under a single new name. He made the statement on a broadcast on N4. This move represents a significant step in the consolidation and modernization of higher education in Moldova, writes Bani.md.

The merger of the two higher education institutions comes to optimize resources and increase the higher education quality in the country. The merger will create a stronger and more competitive academic institution capable of offering diversified and high-quality educational programs.

The institution’s new name resulting from the merger of USM and UTM will be the University of Chisinau. This change will reflect the identity and mission of a new educational structure that will serve the academic community and society more efficiently.

“For several years, we have been constantly analyzing international rankings and, unfortunately, we have failed to include ourselves in these rankings. For example, while Times Higher Education listed around 600 universities in past years, today the list exceeds 2003, and we have still not managed to place ourselves in this ranking,” Viorel Bostan said.


Bostan stressed the importance of attracting international students to strengthen Moldovan universities and highlighted the need for resources and capacity to achieve this. In this context, he proposed initiating a merger process between the Technical University and the State University of Moldova, not through absorption but through collaboration between two institutions with a shared interaction history.

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