Prime Minister Recean: There is no danger of military escalation in Moldova

There is no danger of a military escalation of the situation in the Republic of Moldova. This was announced by Prime Minister Dorin Recean on a Romanian television station, while on an official visit to Bucharest.

“Russia does not have enough resources for an escalation. It is clear that Russia cannot reach the Republic of Moldova militarily. On the other hand, the Republic of Moldova has sufficient consolidated capacities to deal with possible escalations in Transnistria. Those in Transnistria are very much aligned with our goal of peace and security. (…) Today there is no danger of the situation escalating, the risks of destabilization are manageable and can be prevented by the firm hand of the authorities”, said the prime minister.


Dorin Recean reiterated that there are no reasons to worry about a military attack, but even so, the Government is considering increasing its defense capabilities.

“We feel protected by the anti-aircraft capability in Ukraine. And we have to invest in such a system. We supplemented the budget of the Ministry of Defense, so that we can strengthen ourselves in all dimensions”, Recean also declared.

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