“Puterea Probabilitatii” will be released soon. When will the premiere take place?

A new film production is set to hit the big screens. It’s the thriller “Puterea Probabilitatii,” (The Power of Probability), directed by Ivan Naniev. Among the actors involved in this film are Valery Moon, Bogdan Bîtlan, Andrei Luca, Valera Leovskii, Aurel Pîntea, Vlad Blanari, as well as well-known journalists like Dorin Scobioală, Andrei Porubin, and Traian Stoianov.

The action takes place in Chișinău, where children begin to mysteriously disappear. The main character, Vlad, with the help of a secret agent friend, is determined to find the missing children at any cost. But during their investigation, they uncover a secret that could lead to a coup. This production could be considered one of the most complex projects in recent Moldovan film industry history, with its main strengths being challenging stunt scenes and special effects.

During the three-year production, over 70 civilian vehicles, more than 40 police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, and wheeled platforms were involved. Three cars were damaged, two were set on fire, and even a trolleybus, which has become viral on the internet, was also used in the filming.

Over a thousand people, including over 160 actors, 5 stunt performers, 12 instructors, and consultants, participated in the filming. These took place in 43 locations, and over 700 blank bullets were used during the shoots.


“Over the course of three years of filming, we worked intensively with a professional team, and I’m proud that together, we’ve accomplished something unprecedented. I hope our work will be appreciated by the wider audience, and the film will be successful,” said the director of the feature film, Ivan Naniev.

The premiere of the film will take place on Saturday, September 23, at 6:00 PM at the National Palace. Several notable figures of the moment will walk the red carpet, awards will be presented, and guests will have the opportunity to take photos with the team involved in the project.

“Moldovan cinema, which until recently was in a state of lethargy, is being revived through the increase in the number of high-quality Moldovan films. I’m thrilled to have been part of this project, and I’m very happy that this film will reach the big screens,” said one of the film’s producers, Sergiu Scobioală.

For cinephiles, the film’s premiere on the big screens will take place at Cineplex on September 28, and tickets can be purchased through the following links:



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