Radu Marian: The cyber-attack on the PAS leaders, set up by a criminal group, with the help of the FSB

“After the first analysis, we have indications that the cyber-attack on several PAS leaders, other political leaders, journalists, local elected officials was orchestrated by a criminal group, with the help of the Russian FSB.” PAS deputy Radu Marian came with such a message today, November 11, when the telegram channels of several PAS officials or governors were hacked, where their conversations were released into the public space.

Radu Marian states that not only the Telegram channels of Maia Sandu, Andrei Spînu, Sergiu Litvinenco and Dorin Recean were hacked, but also “of other political leaders, journalists and local elected officials”.

“They hacked the Telegram channels of some colleagues and published several conversations. Seeing that they found nothing but meaningless conversations, they also fabricated made-up discussions, drawing everything that crossed their minds. The criminal fraternity helped by the FSB will probably publish other conversations fabricated by them as well. They didn’t place all of them at once, because it takes time for them to make them up, translate from Russian, mix them with the real ones, and insert fragments they made up among the real discussions. No matter how many lies they concoct, the fugitives and thieves must know one thing: no media attack, no gas and power shutdowns engineered with their bosses in the FSB, no talk manufacturing can stop the forward movement of our country, justice and the punishment of thieves. The sanctions are starting to hurt, the punishments are approaching, and those who help the group of theft and war to sell the country will also fall under the sanctions. So don’t forget to draw your handcuffs, if you still put yourself on the shackles”, reads Marian’s message.


The PAS MP announces that he has requested the legal authorities to investigate “as soon as possible these illegal actions and to punish the culprits”.

We remind you that, in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 9, the Telegram accounts of the president, Maia Sandu, and the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, were hacked, and the chat of the discussions of the Minister of Justice, Sergiu Litvinenco on his Telegram channel . At the time, Litvinenko denied the authenticity of these messages, calling them false.

Today, November 11, the minister came with a new message, where he says that “part of the conversation is truthful, and another part – the messages were truncated, moved and taken out of context, which led to the distortion of information with the aim of manipulation and fabrication of gross forgeries against me, my colleagues and my family”.

Previously, the first to confirm the authenticity of Litvinenko’s conversation was the former Minister of Justice, Fadei Nagacevschi. Another official, who also confirmed the authenticity of the conversation, was the ex-director of the National Probation Inspectorate, Andrei Iavorschi.

Today, November 11, the Telegram conversation of the presidential adviser, Dorin Recean, was published in the public space.

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