Ratified! CET-Nord will be modernized and will get rid of its historical debts

The Republic of Moldova is borrowing 15 million euros from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to rehabilitate the North Central Heating Power Plant (JSC “CET-Nord”) in Balti.

A draft law in this regard was approved in both readings by the deputies, during today’s plenary session, April 14th, thus ratifying the Loan Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the EBRD in order to implement the project “Thermal energy system of Balti SA CET-Nord ”- Phase II”.

The value of the loan is 15 million euros, 9.5 million euros of which will be used for the realization of the investment component, and 5.5 million euros – for the refinancing of the historical debt. The period of action of the agreement is 15 years and includes a grace period of three years.

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The priority components of the project are: supply and installation of individual heating points, implementation of the horizontal distribution system of heat and hot water inside residential buildings, construction of a heat storage tank, modernization of water treatment facilities, etc.

The project will be carried out for three years, 2022 – 2024.

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