Realitatea press group at “Fabricat in Moldova”: How to promote local products in the media?

Sunday, February 5, was the last day of the “Fabricat in Moldova” (made in Moldova) exhibition, the 2023 edition. The organizers announced that during the days of the event, Moldovans have shown their interest not only in local products but also in the business program, participating in seminars, conferences, and round tables.

The CEO of the REALITATEA press group, Otilia Cotruța, was also present tt Moldexpo. She spoke to the visitors about the methods of promoting local products in the media, and how important efficient communication with the media really is.

“It offers exclusivity, extra value, and don’t forget personal values. It is not necessary to follow the trends on TikTok, it is mandatory to communicate exactly how we want to be recognized and associated… In order for people to talk about you, your company, or your product, you need to communicate effectively with the media”, said the CEO of Realitatea press group.

Otilia Cotruța also spoke about the practical tools for successful PR strategies.

“Applying some PR basics, knowing how to manage media, highlighting your message, and getting it noticed are all key steps in any PR campaign. Begin the process of building positive relationships with newsrooms, journalists, and news outlets. This will help draw attention to the brand and encourage the media to promote the company for free… Exhibitions and thematic events are an opportunity to draw attention to a business, promote new products or services and bring information to target customers. PR is a real chance to dispel all customers’ doubts and strengthen their trust”, concluded her.


During the “Fabricat in Moldova” 2023 exhibition, 350 companies presented and sold some of their products, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (CCI of the Republic of Moldova) Sergiu Harea, announced. Among the participating companies, 40 economic agents took part in this exhibition for the first time, writes

The exhibition was organized in partnership with the Organization for the Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA). At the event were present several foreign delegations from countries such as Romania, Italy, Spain, Japan, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Ukraine, and Poland.

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