Republic of Moldova to Receive €267 Million Support from the European Union for “FISCALIS” Program Implementation

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – The Republic of Moldova is set to benefit from a substantial support package of €267 million from the European Union (EU) for the implementation of the “FISCALIS” Program, aimed at aligning the national tax system with EU standards.

The Economic, Budget, and Finance Committee has approved the report on the draft law for the ratification of the Agreement on participation in the EU’s “FISCALIS” program for cooperation in the field of taxation. Previously, the Foreign Policy and European Integration Committee approved the co-report on this draft law. The document will now be presented for debate in the legislative assembly.

By ratifying this agreement, the Republic of Moldova will receive support to improve the functioning of the domestic market, stimulate competitiveness, and ensure fair competition. Additionally, the treaty’s implementation will provide funding for various actions, including strengthening IT capacities through the development and operation of European electronic systems.

The program is set to be implemented by the State Fiscal Service during the period of 2023-2027. The Republic of Moldova’s contribution to the program’s implementation is approximately €20,000.

The “FISCALIS” Program represents a significant opportunity for the Republic of Moldova to enhance its fiscal framework and align it with EU standards. The substantial financial support from the European Union underscores their commitment to supporting the country’s economic development and integration efforts. Through the implementation of the program, the Republic of Moldova aims to strengthen its tax administration, foster a transparent business environment, and promote economic growth.


The allocated funds will play a vital role in supporting the Republic of Moldova’s efforts to modernize its tax system and enhance its capabilities in the digital sphere. By leveraging these resources effectively, the country can unlock new opportunities for economic advancement and strengthen its position within the European Union.

As the legislative process moves forward, all stakeholders will closely monitor the discussions and debates surrounding the ratification of the agreement. The successful implementation of the “FISCALIS” Program will not only contribute to the harmonization of the Republic of Moldova’s tax system with EU standards but also pave the way for deeper economic integration and cooperation between the country and the European Union.

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