Restrictions for Moldovan Migrants Seeking Work in Russia and Halt of Imports Proposed by Senator Dzhabarov

After Chisinau decided to reduce the number of Russian diplomats in the Republic of Moldova, Russian Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov proposed measures such as restrictions for Moldovan migrants who want to work in Russia and a stop to imports of goods from our country.

“The unfriendly actions and statements of the Moldovan authorities towards Russia should not go unanswered,” says the Moscow official. He also refers to the possibility of halting imports of Moldovan agricultural products.


“It is possible that we will stop the deliveries of goods from Moldova to Russia, especially agricultural products that are not needed in the West and especially in Europe. Additionally, I believe it is possible to restrict the entry of Moldovans who go to Russia to work,” the senator stated in an interview with the “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” publication.

Dzhabarov also spoke about Transnistria, mentioning that hundreds of thousands of people living there hold Russian citizenship and that the troops that the Kremlin keeps in the region will not leave the area.

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