Roberta Metsola Champions EU Expansion Through Ukraine and Moldova Accession

The European Parliament today voted on a resolution calling for the start of accession negotiations for Moldova to join the European Union by the end of this year. The resolution was adopted just hours before the European Political Community summit, currently taking place in the Spanish city of Granada. The event is attended by President Maia Sandu, who arrived in Spain after a three-day visit to Portugal, where she promoted Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

According to the resolution adopted today by the European Parliament, the government in Chișinău has demonstrated its determination and capability to meet the requirements of the European Commission to commence accession negotiations.

Another recommendation is addressed to the European Council and the European Commission. These two institutions are urged to increase financial and technical assistance to help Moldova progress on the path of reforms. The message of the European Parliament was delivered by its President earlier today, ahead of the third summit of the European Political Community in Granada.

ROBERTA METSOLA, President of the European Parliament: “This meeting is important because we are investing in the peace, security, and geostrategic stability of our continent. Additionally, we will strongly advocate for expansion through the accession of Ukraine and Moldova. Negotiations for accession with these two countries should begin once the conditions are met.”

The acceleration of European Union expansion is one of the main topics addressed today and tomorrow by European leaders at two consecutive summits in Granada. The 27 leaders of the EU bloc gathered today with their counterparts from 20 other states within the European Political Community.

Ahead of tomorrow’s European Council summit, the Union’s heads of state and government want to learn the specific commitments that candidate states for accession can make to receive additional financial support aimed at expediting internal reforms.

Moldova and Ukraine became candidate states for accession last summer and hope to begin negotiations no later than the beginning of next year.

However, before that, the European Commission must present the results of the assessment of key reforms implemented by the governments of Kiev and Chișinău, and the European Council must approve or reject the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.


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