Top 10 Reasons to Join National Wine Day in the City Center on October 7th-8th #WineAndUs

The countdown to the most anticipated autumn event, National Wine Day, has begun! This year, winemakers will share their achievements and offer award-winning wines from international competitions for tasting. The current edition takes place in the context of the 10th anniversary of the international launch of the country’s wine brand, “Wine of Moldova. A legend alive.”

In this context, the event organizers present 10 reasons why you should be present in the Great National Assembly Square this weekend, on October 7th and 8th.

#1. Unique NWD: National Wine Day (NWD) is the world’s only national day dedicated to Moldovan wine and winemaking traditions.

#2. Culture and Education: NWD promotes wine culture, and the National Office for Vine and Wine, as a supporter and promoter of the national pride product, organizes workshops at the Wine School.

#3. Responsible Tasting: NWD promotes responsible consumption of quality wine, and every visitor can purchase the Taster’s Pass, which includes 12 wine tastings.

#4. Recognizing Excellence: National Wine Day is a significant event for the country’s wine industry, and wine professionals, winemakers, wine companies, and partners will be awarded for their efforts in developing and promoting the sector.

#5. National Celebration: NWD has become a national holiday celebrated throughout the country. The event is celebrated in the Great National Assembly Square, as well as at all wineries and vineyards in the country, with tourist facilities.

#6. Tourist Attraction: National Wine Day is one of the most visited events by international tourists. Every year, thousands of tourists from all corners of the world come to our country to discover Moldovan wine.

#7. Cultural Fusion: On National Wine Day, all attendees enjoy a diverse cultural program, featuring artists from the country and folklore groups from different regions.

#8. Interaction with Winemakers: The event is a unique opportunity to gather winemakers from the country in one place, get to know their stories, taste their wines, and learn about the season’s novelties.

#9. Historical Tradition: National Wine Day is a national holiday established by the Parliament’s decision on December 26, 1990, and has been celebrated annually since 2002.

#10. National Pride: The celebration is a source of pride for the entire population, and every citizen can become an ambassador of Moldovan wine.

National Wine Day is organized by the National Office for Vine and Wine, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, the Ministry of Culture, with the support of the strategic partner USAID Moldova through the Rural Resilience and Competitiveness Project.

For more details and additional information about National Wine Day, visit the page and the official Facebook page Wine of Moldova.

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