Romania – always here to support! Two more financial assistance actions for Moldova

The Embassy of Romania in Chisinau announces that the Romanian Agency for International Development – RoAid has completed two more financial assistance actions granted to the Republic of Moldova, included in the 2022 annual international cooperation plan for development and humanitarian assistance.

Thus, according to a press release from the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau, on November 24, an amount of over 343 thousand euros, equivalent to over 7 million Moldovan lei, was transferred to the Ministry of Finance in Chisinau within the project “Supplementing non-reimbursable financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova” assumed by Romania in the framework of the International Conference Support Platform for the Republic of Moldova” – Berlin, April 5, 2022″.

On the same day, Bucharest also donated the sum of 100 thousand euros (over 2 million lei) to the Florești District Hospital for the purchase of modern, state-of-the-art medical equipment, necessary to provide quality medical services to the citizens of the district.


“Romania remains consistent in its unconditional support. The Republic of Moldova through a variety of instruments at its disposal: the 100 million euro assistance agreement (large-scale projects are financed, generally investments in infrastructure), direct budget support (10 million euro), fuel supply, firewood, as well as a whole series of other financial contributions and technical assistance directed to meet specific needs, with the overall objective of strengthening the resilience of the Republic of Moldova in the face of the multiple crises it is facing, to successfully implement much-needed reforms improving the quality of life of citizens but also in its effort to join the European Union as quickly as possible”, it is stated on the Facebook page of the Romanian Embassy in Moldova.

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