Romania has accepted Moldova’s plan to unblock the situation on the borders

Following this morning’s meeting in Bucharest, between the prime ministers of the Republic of Moldova and Romania, as well as yesterday’s working visit of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco, to Romania, the contingency plan was launched to unblock the Moldovan-Romanian border situation, Today, June 10, 2022.

Thus, emergency measures will be implemented, with immediate applicability, to unblock the situation in customs, by setting up a joint action group to coordinate and synchronize the immediate activities of the Moldovan and Romanian authorities at border points, to reduce transit times.

According to the officials, it was decided that the first border point, where control and customs clearance will be done in joint teams, will be Leușeni-Albita, where this innovative approach will be tested, such as a single control action, performed from a single point. .

Thus, today, June 10, starting at 12:00, the Romanian-Moldovan mixed teams will be present in the Albița-Leușeni customs, where they will perform the field analysis in order to immediately operationalize the work. It is expected that in a few hours, at least at the Leușeni-Albița border point, the waiting time of trucks with goods will be considerably reduced.

Also, in order to normalize the situation at the borders regarding freight transport, Moldovan and Romanian officials are considering two more stages of developing the contingency plan, in order to avoid the future blockade of freight transport to Europe and other regions.

It should be noted that the contingency plan for the unblocking of borders, proposed by the Republic of Moldova, falls within the requirements of interoperability by integrating common working procedures and increasing resilience in cross-border crime, including the anti-corruption agenda, as important goals in Moldova to the European Union.

Romanian and Moldovan officials claim that they are making every effort to normalize the situation on the Moldovan-Romanian borders, to ensure the flow of transport of goods and food to Europe, so as not to create the preconditions for a food crisis in Europe and the world.

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The Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco, had yesterday, June 9th, meetings with the Secretary General of the Government, Mircea Abrudean, and other decision-makers of the Romanian Government and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, specialized in border and customs issues, as well as in crisis management. During the working visit, the Minister presented the contingency plan and prepared the bilateral meeting between the Prime Ministers of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

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