Romania helps Moldova! The country will provide fuel, diesel and petrol for dealing with the natural gas crisis

A draft decision regarding international assistance to Moldova in the form of petrol, diesel and fuel, in order to overcome the gas crisis and reduce the impact of the humanitarian crisis, triggered by the armed conflict in Ukraine, was approved at today’s Cabinet meeting.

Specifically, the goal of the project is to support the population in terms of heat and electricity in case the crisis becomes a long-term one, but also to ensure fuel reserves, which will be used in case of emergency.

At the same time, the project provides for the transfer to the state reserves of a quantity of 5000 tons of fuel oil, 129.51 tons of diesel and 112.67 tons of gasoline, donated as international assistance, free of charge, to the Republic of Moldova by Romania.

Thus, in order to receive, store, and record fuels and energy product, it was decided to transfer them to state reserves, to ensure the capacity of the state to intervene in exceptional situations.

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