Compensations for low-income employees in the budget sector will be increased

Compensation for low-income employees in the budget sector will be increased from 3,100 to 3,500 lei, so that no employee in the budget sector has a salary of less than 3,500 lei. A bill to this effect was approved today by the Government.

For this purpose, 136 million lei will be needed, which will be covered from the fund provided in the state budget to ensure the provisions of the normative framework regarding the salary in the budgetary sector.

The changes will take effect on the date of publication, and the compensatory payments will be calculated starting from May 1, 2022.

“The increase was proposed in the context of re-examining the minimum guaranteed amount of salary in the real sector, amounting to 3,500 lei, starting with April 1, 2022. Increased compensatory payments will benefit employees of budgetary institutions for which the monthly salary calculated for a position with the normal working time is less than 3,500 lei “, the Government announces.

The compensatory payment will be determined as the difference between 3,500 lei and the monthly salary calculated under the conditions of the Law on the unitary salary system in the budgetary sector. It will be recalculated in proportion to the actual time worked.

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