Romania insists in Brussels on the necessity of an assistance package for Moldova

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, insisted in Brussels on the need for a comprehensive package of multisectoral assistance for the Republic of Moldova, which is facing a massive wave of Ukrainian refugees, a negative economic development following the COVID-19 pandemic and the drought in last summer, situation exacerbated by the natural gas dispute with the Russian giant Gazprom.

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, participated, on March 24-25, 2022, in the European Council meeting, which took place in Brussels. Managing the effects of the crisis caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine has been high on the agenda of European leaders.

The head of state highlighted the major impact of Russia’s aggression on the region and, in this context, also discussed the current situation of the Republic of Moldova. President Iohannis outlined Romania’s continued efforts to support the Republic of Moldova, in particular to reduce the pressure on the country and to provide a consistent humanitarian assistance to help the authorities from Chisinau, cope with the tide of refugees.

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