Romania’s Energy Projects Strengthen Moldova’s Independence

The interconnection of electric power grids in the south, central, and northern regions of Moldova, the takeover of the gas transportation system by Transgaz Romania, and the activation of the Romanian Commodities Exchange on the left bank of the Prut River are among the recent energy sector projects initiated by Bucharest that have significantly contributed to ensuring Moldova’s energy independence.

These topics, along with future plans, are being discussed today and tomorrow at the Romanian Energy Symposium in Bucharest, where the Minister of Energy, Victor Parlicov, is also in attendance.

Regarding electric power, Minister Parlicov highlighted the strengthening of connections with Romania through the construction of the high-voltage line from Vulcănești to Chișinău, bypassing the power plant in the Transnistria region. He also mentioned the allocation of resources by Chișinău for the Bălți-Suceava line and the preparation of a feasibility study for the Strășeni-Iași electric line construction.

“We are considering other options to have at least three lines that would enable the stable operation of the integrated energy system within the continental ENTSO-E. The timeline for the construction of these power lines is before 2030,” stated Victor Parlicov.


The minister expressed gratitude to Romania for its financial and political support during the energy crisis, including efforts to balance the gas system when the Russian Federation limited deliveries to Moldova, electricity supply in 2022, coal donations, and more.

“I will not tire of thanking Romania and the Romanian people for the immense support provided to the Republic of Moldova, especially during the energy crisis of recent years, which we are discussing today. In this context, our bilateral relations, both in terms of infrastructure and trade, have intensified to such an extent that we recently decided to revive the inter-ministerial working group in the field of energy to coordinate multiple activities,” Victor Parlicov added.

The Minister of Energy also mentioned the completion of the procedure for the operation of the gas transportation system in Moldova, including the Transnistria region, by Vestmoldtransgaz, a subsidiary of Transgaz Romania. It was noted that the Romanian Commodities Exchange is already active in Chișinău.

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