Russian Ministry Summons Moldovan Ambassador Over Unfriendly Actions. MAEIE comments

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Moscow, Lilian Darii, expressing a categorical protest against what the Russian authorities characterized as “unfriendly actions of the authorities in Chisinau.”

The diplomat was also informed about the ban on entering Russia for 12 citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration stated that the decision of the Russian Federation is regrettable, but such measures are becoming commonplace in the agenda of the Russian authorities, according to IPN.

The Moscow-based Russian Ministry mentions that “unfriendly actions involve politically motivated persecution of the Russian and Russian-language press, contrary to Chisinau’s international commitments regarding the right to freedom of expression.”

“Cases of discrimination against Russian citizens entering Moldova have become systemic, and unjustified refusals to cross the border have become more frequent. The leadership of the Republic of Moldova continues to make aggressive anti-Russian statements. The ambassador has been informed of the decision to prohibit entry into the territory of the Russian Federation for several officials from the Republic of Moldova in response to the actions of the Moldovan leadership,” the Russian ministry said in a press release.

The institution in Moscow also mentions that the ambassador expressed concern about the information appearing in the media regarding Moldova’s plans to assist in the training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel on the territory of the Republic of Moldova with the participation of NATO instructors. “It was emphasized that such support is unacceptable, leading to the erosion of Moldova’s neutrality status and its direct involvement in hostilities on the side of the Kyiv regime,” the statement further reads.


Contacted by IPN, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Filip Cojocaru, stated that the decision of the Russian Federation is regrettable.

“But it is important to note that such measures are already becoming commonplace in the agenda of the Russian authorities. Despite this fact, the Republic of Moldova maintains its firm commitment to counter external interference and any destabilizing actions against our security and sovereignty,” said Filip Cojocaru.

Among the individuals affected by the entry ban to Russia are seven journalists, a presidential adviser, as well as the chief of the president’s cabinet. Also affected are the Secretary-General of the Government, a member of the Broadcasting Council, and the coordinator of the Center for Strategic Communication and Disinformation Combat.

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