Safe places for the elderly who have left the path of war

Since the beginning of the war, the border between Moldova and Ukraine has been crossed by 531,499 Ukrainian citizens. At the same time, 79,604 people from Ukraine remained in our country. Every fifth person who came to the Republic of Moldova from Ukraine is an elderly person, experts say.

To provide emotional, psychological and social support to refugees, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) established 16 static Safe Spaces and four mobile Safe Spaces, intended for services for women, girls, boys, men and the elderly.

Recently, such a safe space for elderly refugees was opened in the town of Cojușna, Străseni.

According to, this center is founded to give refugees the opportunity to socialize, to obtain new knowledge that will help them in the process of integration into society. Here people are trained in various initial and continuous training programs, to study the Romanian language and to familiarize themselves with the culture of the Republic of Moldova, but also recreational activities, organized according to the age and needs of the beneficiaries and with an emphasis on avoiding any form of discrimination and violence. This safe space is intended for the elderly and the project is implemented by the Help Age Organization.


SafeSpace is part of UNFPA’s program to respond to the refugee crisis and prevent gender-based violence. The purpose of safe spaces is to provide a protective environment for refugees in the Republic of Moldova and to contribute to social cohesion between refugees and host communities. In addition to basic services for refugees, UNFPA has also launched Romanian language study programs here to facilitate their inclusion. Until July of this year, UNFPA created 16 static Safe Spaces and four mobile #SafeSpaces throughout the country.

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