Sandu, at the “Startup Moldova Summit”: You’re not just building business, you’re turning the country into that modern European state

On Thursday, March 14, President Maia Sandu attended the “Startup Moldova Summit 2024,” which brought together dozens of entrepreneurs, IT professionals, start-ups, and current and potential investors.

The Head of State stated that she had met “creative and hard-working individuals who contribute to the growth of the IT sector ” at the event.

“The IT industry is a key driver of our economic development, with over 200 start-ups already established. We anticipate further growth in the coming years, aided by the Government’s efforts to reduce administrative burdens on the private sector,” underlined the head of state.

The President stated that supporting those who conduct business properly is imperative. The state must keep pace with technological advancements through the laws and regulations it adopts.


“Significant progress has already been made in this area, and now it is necessary to fully implement the government’s plan to digitise public services, particularly for entrepreneurs,” the head of state said.

President Maia Sandu encouraged all young people with ideas to be active, to present their visions and plans and to remain ambitious and motivated.

You are not only developing a business but also contributing to the transformation of our country into a modern European state that the entire society is eagerly anticipating.

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