Sergiu Gaibu: Since the beginning of the war, investors have stopped their projects and the prices generate pressure

Moldova’s access to the European Single Market will mean a full liberalization of trade and increased access to our products on the European Union market. The Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu, mentions about this, the appropriate status of the candidate country for accession will offer our country multiple economic advantages. He also claims that the war in Ukraine has upset the country’s economic developments, as the volume of investment has fallen sharply, notes

Yesterday, MEP Siegfried Mureșan called on the European community to integrate the Republic of Moldova into the single market of the community bloc. According to the official, through the access to the Single Market, the Moldovan products will be able to be exported freely on the European market, more investors from the European Union will come to the Republic of Moldova and new jobs will appear.

The Minister of Economy of Moldova also says that after obtaining the status of candidate for accession, the share of Moldovan products on the European market will increase.

Gaibu went on saying that the war in Ukraine and the security crisis in the region have led many foreign investors to stop their projects. Even local entrepreneurs do not risk starting new businesses now, says the minister.

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Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted by a majority of votes a resolution calling for the granting of the status of candidate country for accession to the Republic of Moldova. In the text of the resolution, MEPs welcomed Moldova’s application for EU membership, saying the country is on track to adopt key reforms.

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