The issues of our diaspora, the topic of talks between Grosu and Italian parliamentarians

TheThe security situation in the region, the management of the humanitarian crisis and the needs of the Moldovan diaspora in Italy were the subject of a discussion of the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, and the members of the delegation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group within the Parliament of Italian Republic, held at Chisinau.

During the meeting, officials discussed the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and the authorities’ efforts to help refugees.

“The share of Ukrainian refugees who came to our country is about three percent of the population of the Republic of Moldova. It is the first experience of our country to provide assistance to refugees. We are doing our best to provide them with medical and legal assistance, and some children have already been integrated into the education system, ”said the President of the Parliament.

Igor Grosu also said that the commitments assumed in front of the citizens remain in force, regardless of the challenges or crises.

“We are determined to carry out internal reform in the country and move forward on the European agenda. Our task in this mandate is to make this journey irreversible. “

In this context, the President of the Parliament mentioned that Moldova relies on the support of the Italian Republic for accepting the application for membership.

Officials also discussed the possibility of stepping up Moldovan-Italian relations in several areas, including the social field and energy security.

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