Sergiu Tofilat will donate half of his salary in “Moldovagaz” to the Ukrainian army.

The member of the Supervisory Board of “Moldovagaz,” Sergiu Tofilat, announced on the show “Teritoria Svobodi” on RLIVE TV that he will transfer half of his salary to the accounts of the Ukrainian army, reports

“The Ukrainian army defends both the independence of Ukraine and the independence of our country. Thanks to them, there is peace here. Nobody doesn’t bomb or kill. I consider it my duty to support the Ukrainian army, and I will transfer 540 thousand lei (9-month salary calculation), 50% of my salary from Moldovagaz to the Ukrainian army,” Tofilat said.

Sergiu Tofilat also made other clarifications about the decision.

“The joint-stock company approves the salary of the supervisory board. Last year and this year, we put this issue to a vote, but unfortunately, the Russian side refused to reduce salaries. We planned the agenda for the beginning of January, so at the beginning of January, we prepared an analytical note in which we compared the level of salaries in Moldova with the one in Romania. It turned out that our salary level is 30-35% higher. I also warned the Russian side that if I do not support the proposal to reduce salaries, then I will give half of my salary to finance the Ukrainian army. And I will keep my word,” said Sergiu Tofilat.


The expert also said that he will donate another 25% of his salary to Tudor Shoitsu, “who for 25 years has been dealing with the problems that “Moldovagaz” has had, and thanks to his activities, the Republic of Moldova managed to carry out the audit, which showed that we have no debts.”

Sergiu Tofilat was appointed a Supervisory Board of “Moldovagaz” member in August 2023.

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