Siegfried Mureșan Pushes for EU Accession Talks with Moldova and Ukraine

Romanian Member of the European Parliament Siegfried Mureșan urged today, in the European Parliament plenary, the initiation of accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine. The request has been submitted to the European Council, which is expected to decide on this matter during the meeting on December 14-15.

“Accession negotiations are the best tool we have to help our neighboring countries, especially the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, become safer, more stable, undergo reforms, modernize, align with European standards, and adopt and implement European legislation domestically. Therefore, starting accession negotiations is not only in the interest of Moldova and Ukraine but also in the interest of Romania and, above all, the European Union,” noted Mureșan.

According to him, despite the challenges faced by the two states, both Moldova and Ukraine have managed to implement the recommendations of the European Commission and have made remarkable progress in their European integration.

“Now is the time to show our support, the European Union’s support, and start accession negotiations,” concluded the Romanian MEP.


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