SIS confirms that Killnet cyber attacks state institutions in Moldova

The Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) confirmed for that government institutions were attacked in August by the Killnet group. According to the officers, the actions of the Russian hackers did not have a critical impact, because the concerned institutions reacted promptly to the threats.

Those responsible specify that the cyber attack on the Presidency, carried out at the beginning of August, is also being investigated. The service also points out that, in accordance with its duties and responsibilities, it undertakes necessary measures to counter cyber attacks, including informative, counter-informative and technical activities.

On August 25, the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service (STICS) reported that over 80 cyber attacks had taken place during 72 hours. Then the web pages of the Government and the Intelligence and Security Service could not be accessed.

According to STICS, the purpose of the hackers was to cause the unavailability of the state’s information resources by sending a large number of connection requests or a large volume of data, with the objective of overloading the processing resources of the information systems.


The Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița also confirmed during a conference that we face cyber attacks. “We continue to monitor this area and take the necessary steps to keep institutions safe,” she said.

Before the attacks began, the group of Russian hackers Killnet announced that difficult weeks would follow for institutions in our country, which would be subject to cyber threats. The organization previously committed similar actions on information resources from the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, the USA, but also institutions from other countries.

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