Moldova to sign a long-term gas supply contract with Azerbaijan

Moldova wants to sign a long-term gas supply contract with Azerbaijan. With such declaration came the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu.

“The government is preparing for emergencies. We are currently in discussions with Romania and Azerbaijan for the signing of long-term gas supply contracts,” he said.

According to Spînu, Moldova is connected to the European Network of Transmission System Operators (Entso E), which gives it several options, including purchases from Romania or other EU states, but at a very high price.

Moldova has reserves of 35 million cubic meters of gas, a volume that lasts a maximum of 10 days during the winter. However, Spinu claims that this time is enough for the government to find gas from other sources.


The supply of Azeri gas to Europe started on December 31, 2020, through the Southern Gas Corridor. It was the first time in history that Azerbaijan exported gas to the European market through pipelines.

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