Dumitru Alaiba will be in Poland for three days. He will moderate a panel on NATO

The President of the Economy, Budget and Finance Commission, Dumitru Alaiba, participates in the Economic Forum “Europe in the face of new challenges”. The event takes place between September 6-8, in Karpacz, Poland, where he will be the speaker of the discussion panel “NATO, USA, EU – Who bears today the burden of defending the democratic world?”.

During the Forum, as well as the panel that will be led by the Moldovan deputy, Dumitru Alaiba, the subject of cooperation in the field of security at the international level will be addressed.

For three days, the participants of the event will discuss topics related to the security of the energy sector, sustainable development and business support. About 300 debates are scheduled, in which over 4,000 specialists in the field will participate.

The Economic Forum in Poland is in its 31st edition, annually bringing together Prime Ministers, Ministers, European Commissioners, political leaders and economic experts from different countries for an exchange of views on economic topics.


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