State reserves will be replenished with coal. About 35.7 million lei are allocated

The state reserves will be supplemented with a quantity of 3,155 tons of coal, in the context of the existing risks regarding the security of the supply of electricity and natural gas. For this purpose, approximately 35.7 million lei will be allocated from the Government’s reserve fund. A decision in this sense was approved today by the Executive.

The amount needed to replenish the state reserves was calculated based on the average price for a ton of coal, as well as the expenses for receipt and storage until the end of the current year.

The coal procurement procedures will be carried out by the Material Reserves Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will also receive, store and keep it in the state reserves, according to the legislation.

The mentioned project is part of the measures to prevent and mitigate the impact of the energy crisis and the security of the supply of energy resources of the Republic of Moldova in case of limitation of the supply of natural gas, by providing alternative energy resources for the heating season.


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