Nicu Popescu summons the Russian ambassador to the MAEIE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador following Sergey Lavrov’s statements about Transnistria and Gagauzia. Requested by the Realitatea editorial office, the representatives of diplomacy from Chisinau pointed out that fundamental human rights are respected in our country.

The ministry affirms that the rights of Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz, Bulgarian and other ethnic minorities are respected in accordance with democratic principles. At the same time, the targeted ethnic Russians did not report the violation of their rights to the responsible institutions,

“In connection with the latest statements of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, we remind the Russian side that the legislation of the Republic of Moldova guarantees fundamental human rights and freedoms.


Chisinau, as always, reiterates its attachment to peaceful, diplomatic and dialogue-based methods both for the reintegration of the country and in the dialogue with the Russian Federation regarding the withdrawal of Russian troops stationed illegally on the territory of our country. We consider any other speculation unfounded.

In order to clarify what was exposed by the head of Russian diplomacy and to express the position of our authorities, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu ordered the summoning of the Russian Federation’s ad interim charge of affairs in Chisinau to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today,” the diplomacy reports.

Moscow’s head of diplomacy said on Wednesday that his country is ready to protect ethnic Russians in Moldova. On Thursday, he said that if attacks are carried out on the peacekeepers on the left of the Dniester, the Kremlin will perceive them as an attack against Russia.

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