Summit of the European Political Community: where will the leaders of world politics who arrive in Chisinau be placed?

During the summit of the European Political Community, organized on June 1 in Chisinau, about 2,500 people will be accommodated in the capital. This was announced by the mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban.

“We turned to the government with a request that we repair the road sections from the airport to the City Gate and to the historical center of the capital (Dacia Boulevard). The carriageway, green spaces, the vast majority of sidewalks, the viaduct, which was not planned to be repaired, but is now planned. The delegations would go to Cricova, many, with the exception of the first persons of the states, namely 2,500 people, would stay in the capital for several days: officials, high-ranking politicians, many journalists”, the mayor of Chisinau said.

The mayor noted that the delegations would most likely go to the winery in Cricova, Milestii Mici, Mimi, as well as other places that are highly valued by foreigners coming to Chisinau.

Earlier, Cheban said that the capital’s mayor’s office would contribute to the organization of the summit of the European Political Community on June 1.

The Euronest summit will take place on June 1 in Chisinau. 47 presidents and heads of government, as well as heads of the European Union, are expected to attend the event. Discussions will focus on the implications of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, security challenges, economic integration, and energy security.

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