Support of the U.S. government: Ambulances and medical equipment for CNAMUP

Two new ambulances, 315 frontal lanterns, 45 pulse oxymeters and 22 electrocardiographs were purchased by the Mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Moldova, with the financial support of the U.S. government, within the project, Humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and neighbour countries.     

The ambulances are endowed with devices necessary for the providing of emergency medical assistance, assessing patients’ state, stabilization and monitoring at the place of call and during the carriage to hospitals.    

The C-type ambulance was distributed to the mobile intensive therapy team of the emergency medical assistance substation (SAMU) from the Centru district of Chisinau. The B-type ambulance was provided to the Calaraseuca AMU point from the northern Ocnita district, which swerves the Otaci town – one of the border crossing points with the largest number of refugees registered since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. 

State Secretary at the Health Ministry Ion Prisăcaru said the activities planned by the ministry on the next period regard especially the regionalization of the medical services.  

The donation’s overall value is of 300,000 dollars.

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