Thank you, Moldova! The message of a Ukrainian deputy, delivered in the PACE plenary

The Ukrainian deputy Alexei Goncearenko thanked the Republic of Moldova in the plenary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for the support offered to Ukraine and the refugees from the neighboring country.

“I want to thank Moldova. Thank you for the support that Ukraine and Ukrainians have received during this war of aggression that Russia has started against us,” said Alexei Goncearenko.

“We will never forget this. It is very important for us”, added the deputy, noting that our country has provided support to Ukrainians, even though they are in a difficult time, at a time when Russia is trying to destabilize the situation in the country.


According to him, Russia is trying to create chaos in the Republic of Moldova through propaganda, paying pro-Russian politicians in the Republic of Moldova to organize protests and blackmailing the country with energy.

“We see how Moldova is actively moving towards a free world. And we are happy for them. But who isn’t happy for them? Russia! This country is also trying to influence Moldova. Russia is attacking Moldova, paying pro-Russian politicians from the Republic of Moldova, creating chaos, organizing protests, addressing propaganda and blackmailing with energy.”

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