The authorities come up with new specifications regarding budgetary support

In May, 55.1 million euros and 86.5 million US dollars were collected in the state budget – money granted by the International Monetary Fund. In July, 20 million euros granted by the Government of Poland arrived in the budget, IPN writes.

Clarifications regarding the money granted by the development partners to support the Republic of Moldova in reducing the budget deficit and ensuring the realization of programs from the state budget are made by the Ministry of Finance.

In the following months, other inflows of financial means are expected in the state budget. It is about 151 million euros granted by the World Bank, of which 9.2 million are grants. The European Union grants 125 million euros, of which 90 million are grants. The French Development Agency offers 15 million euros, and the Government of Romania – 10 million euros grant.


“Financial sources in the form of budgetary support are used to ensure the financing of the Government’s priorities, including mitigating the effects of the energy crisis and inflation on the population and the business environment, as well as to ensure the continuation of capital investment projects financed from budgetary sources”, states the Ministry of Finance.

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