Resolving the Transnistrian conflict – federalization?

The deputy head of the Reintegration Policy Office claims that the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict would mean federalization for the Republic of Moldova. The statements were made by Nicolai Țveatcov during a TV-Show broadcasted on a channel affiliated with the Socialist Party.

He claims that in Moldova, in the context of the presence of Russian troops on the left of the Dniester, the deadline has become a dreaded one. At the same time, according to him, federalization represents the distribution of powers and is “political reality”.

“We kept our word, but in vain. It is a political reality. The distribution of duties will be federative in nature. We already have a topic – Gagauz autonomy. The first vision regarding conflict resolution provided for the term special status. It is an element of the federative organization. In the process of conflict resolution, the distribution of attributions is a key element. This process means federalization. What will be the final model for the time being is difficult to predict”, declared Țveatcov.

Nicolai Țveatcov arrived at the Reintegration Office during the period when the head of the institution was Vasile Șova. According to the Security Zone, initially he held the position of councilor, and during the mandate of Olga Cebotari, he became deputy chief.


The quoted source states that the official hesitated to condemn the war in Ukraine. At the same time, the journalists also write that he launched in Moscow monographs about the separatist zone of the Republic of Moldova, declaring that “the ethnocratic road led Moldova to a dead end, and the left bank developed a completely viable social system, which inherited the best of the Soviet past “.

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