The authorities considered destroying the runway at Chisinau Airport in case of a Russian invasion, Minister Popescu claims

A year ago, after Russia started the war in Ukraine, the Chisinau authorities were ready to destroy the runway at the Chisinau International Airport, so that the Russian army would not take over the strategic objective. The revelations were made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, on Wednesday evening, during a show on Jurnal TV.

“Even before the war, our institutions considered scenarios that included not only the management of refugee flows but also scenarios in which Moldova would become a victim of hostile, not necessarily military, actions. Thus, our services were prepared for various risks, including those regarding the airport. In such cases, there are standard protection options. Practically speaking, it is about the functionality of the airport, it depends on the reception of the aircraft on the runway. By destroying or blocking the track maybe… I won’t go into the details,” said Popescu.


Recently, Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky stated that Russia’s primary interest is to take control of the Chisinau International Airport.

“The Russians have been planning all this for a long time. The Republic of Moldova and Russia do not have a common state border. So how should he implement his plan to open a new front in Ukraine? Where would they send their troops and equipment therefrom? The Russians need airports for that. Now there is only one airport in the Republic of Moldova. So they have to use this airport and all the resources of Transnistria”, explained Zelenski.

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