The best sommelier in the world received Moldovan wines as a gift and was invited to visit Moldova!

Now we have even more reasons to be proud of our wines. We want to inform you that recently, there was an important event for the sommeliers of the world, where Moldovan wine participated as a partner of the “Best Sommelier of the World” event, the 17th edition, organized by the International Association of Sommeliers (ASI), in which the Latvian sommelier Raimonds Tomson was named the best sommelier in the world. The contest is organized once every three years.

The best sommelier in the world together with Nina Jensen from Denmark and Reece Choi from China, who followed him on the podium, received the legendary symbols of the Republic of Moldova – Moldovan wines and “Tree of Life” carpets from Bessarabian bark, as well as the invitation to visit the Republic of Moldova.

The event occurred in Paris, France, from February 7-12, 2023. 68 sommeliers from 63 countries, from all continents, participated in the competition of talents, skills, and knowledge about wine. Moldovan wine is a golden partner of ASI and its events, which allowed that during the 6 days of the competition, over 300 sommeliers, journalists, restaurateurs, and professionals to taste 21 wines produced by 12 companies from Moldova.

Moldova Wine’s participation in this event represents a recognition of the quality of wines produced in our country and the opportunity to create an international opinion-forming reputation to support quality wine exports to high-value markets.


This partnership is part of the marketing program of the National Vine and Wine Office, supported by the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project, funded by USAID, the strategic partner of the sector

“Presenting our wines to an audience with a deep and extensive knowledge of wines, such as sommeliers, is an excellent opportunity to introduce the highest experts to the diversity of the terroir of the Republic of Moldova and promote authentic and quality wines,” stated Elizaveta Breahnă, interim director of the National Vine and Wine Office.

“We found a keen interest and a desire to explore Moldavian Wine from these experts, versed in the most notorious wine regions. However, the local varieties, the original blends, the impeccable quality, the creative branding, and the intriguing history of our wines have become points of attraction at the Moldovan Wine stand for some of the most famous sommeliers in the world, but also for young professionals and sommeliers, who will develop new portfolios of products and consumption trends”, noted Diana Lazăr, director of the wine industry and tourism, USAID Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project in Moldova.

The International Association of Sommeliers was founded in 1969, on the territory of France and now has more than 60 members, associations in the field of wine, from different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. In recent years, ASI has focused its activity on the field of specialized training, as well as in the organization of international competitions, with the ultimate goal being to increase the competence of sommeliers at a global level and promote wine culture.

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