Sandu talks with Vucic, the potential involvement of Serbs in the destabilization of Moldova

Maia Sandu spoke with her counterpart from Belgrade, Alexandr Vucic. The telephone conversation happened in the context of the head of state’s statements regarding destabilization and accusations that the involvement of Serbian citizens is being planned.

“The two leaders reconfirmed their respect for the territorial integrity of the countries and expressed their willingness to cooperate in order to prevent illegal activities involving the citizens of our countries”, according to the information published by the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, the head of state congratulated her Serbian counterpart on the occasion of Statehood Day. The holiday is celebrated in Serbia on February 15.

On Monday, February 13, Maia Sandu announced that diversions are planned in Moldova, including the involvement of citizens from Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, and Belarus. As a result, Belgrade and Podgorica asked him for evidence.


On Tuesday, it was learned that Partizan Belgrade team supporters were refused entry to Moldova. There are at least 12 people who have returned, the sportsmen’s match with Sheriff Tiraspol will be played without spectators, and the proof that it is a special SIS operation is the letter sent by the Moldovan Football Federation to the team and published by the Serbian, in which it is stipulated that the measure was taken at the insistence of the Moldovan special services. The institution has not reacted yet, while the Border Police claimed that the microbiologists did not have the necessary documents and could not justify the purpose of the visit to Moldova.

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